SoulSutras 20

” Freedom Has a Scent Like The Top of a Newborn Baby’s Head, (& The Importance of Dreams)……….”

So it’s been two weeks since I last posted.

It’s been a whirlwind of teary goodbyes, big parties, one-on-ones, clubhouse goodbye’s and heartfelt speeches, but I think the hardest thing was leaving four days before my cousins’ first baby was born.

I was looking so forward to being the best hands-on ‘aunty’ in the world!!

After all I have had four children and know what it’s like being in a city without family.

I had already told Jules I would be heading over to Sentosa each weekend to front up for my babysitting duties. I do LOVE a baby!!!

Seeing all those photos come through and videos of that newborn baby nestled snuggly in his parent’s arms made my heart break.

I think that was the hardest thing of all, that and the fact  I really loved living in Singapore!

And I just can’t tell you how beautiful everyone is that we met during our time there. My sister-in-law flew down from Hong Kong, my cousins’ (yes cuz, that erroneous apostrophe is just for you….and what’s a preposition anyway???)  family from Cambodia and it was just such a beautiful celebration. It’s hard to leave it behind, especially when I was enjoying myself so much.

So, we packed up 369 boxes, 4 children, the two of us, a brown dog and hearts filled with precious memories and flew 3,916 miles across the Indian Ocean to Australia.

A day I never thought would come.

But, here we are, and I must say Sydney is beyond a doubt one of the most spectacular cities in the world.

The adjustment shouldn’t be that hard!

I think what’s hard is that it’s all too familiar and I like an element of surprise in my life and I seemed to get that overseas. Always travelling and exploring the unknown, meeting all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life, every day unearthed a new and interesting surprise.

How am I too replicate that here?

I asked the Universe to show me what the move was all about and this is where the importance of dreams kicks in.

I have been fascinated by dreams ever since I was a little girl. I still have the Dream Dictionary my sister-in-law gave me, with a Bob Dylan quote in the front, when I was just 16.

It is part of my spiritual practice to really be mindful of what happens when I sleep.

I used to program my dreams when I was young, I used to say I want to dream about ‘this’, and I would, or I’d wake up half way through a dream and think, No! I’m, not done yet, please continue – and so it would.

So I had asked for some guidance and over the past few nights have received so much information, some too weird to explain right now, although you are dealing with past-life lovers and the odd bit of tantra quite well, so it may not be too much of a stretch!

But let me start with last night.

There were three very distinct parts.

The first was the image of a tree and the importance of putting down roots, in fertile soil, to make a solid foundation – my meditation yesterday was sowing this seed in my favourite spot in Sydney,

The second was to rest.

Now, I can’t tell you just how much this has been coming up for me lately. Whether it be through meditation practice, clairvoyants or even through Julius’ nightly visitations, the reason it keeps coming up is that I am not doing it – and if you don’t listen they will keep reminding you until you do.

So I will try!!

The third and final message was that to find peace in my life, I must teach.

Another message I have heard over and over again since my journey began.

We’ll talk about dreams in greater detail later, but for now, we should all become more aware of the messages being sent to us as we dream.

Repetitive themes, lucid dreaming. Visitations – real or unreal??

It’s all guidance.

It’s all important, and for me those three succinct and very clear messages delivered to me through my dreams last night will be taken on board and implemented. I know in six months time, I will be reaping the rewards of the seeds I have sown today.

Sweet dreams xxx