SoulSutras 21

“There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home…….”

Having four children I have watched a lot of movies and one of my all time favourites is the Wizard of Oz, and she’s right that Dorothy, there truly is, no place like home.

We have been back a month now. Time does truly fly when you’re having fun!

Contrary to what I thought would be the case…..I LOVE being back home.

We ALL love being back home.

Sydney, Australia.

The familiar is not so scary after all.

After all there’s the familiar scent of your lovers cologne, or your best friend Clarey’s chocolate brownies coming out of the oven, the familiar scent of summer rain, of freshly cut grass, or the familiar laugh of GG or cousin Katie, all bringing a smile and a sense of homeliness.

The familiar is nice, it’s comforting, it’s soothing.

Firstly there is the sky.

Oh that sky. Big. Blue and vast. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

The trees.

The scent of eucalypt wafting down from the gums, the big and glorious Moreton Bay Fig: it’s enormous canopy offering a protective shelter from the elements. Her huge roots, a treasure trove of fun for tiny toddlers with curious minds.

The extraordinary trees.

And the water. Peeking around each and every corner, lapping the shoreline, teasing you gently, enticing you to take a dip in its icy embrace.

And then there are the people.

Down-to-earth, happy, friendly and helpful.

I have made new friends and basked gloriously in the familiar old.

My morning walk is out of this world! The minute you step outside you are greeted with that ice cold winter air, such a welcome change from the hot, humid and sticky.

Rugged up, and with headphones on, I take my morning walk, up and down the hilly streets as I make my way down to the harbour. As I get to the bottom and turn the corner, there she is in all her glory, magnificent Sydney Harbour.

I take a moment just to look and give thanks for life and for the happiness I feel.

And let’s not forget the energy. It is so completely different, wide and expansive.

We are, exactly where we are meant to be.

I have taken into account all the messages my guides have sent me and I am happy, finally, to put down some roots. I have been resting, and I am starting to teach.

Yes, I have started writing my first book, which will be available by Christmas.

In it, I will teach you all how to find your own TempleSoul.

So, until next time…………

“Wear your ruby shoes
When you’re far away
So you’ll always stay
Home in your heart”

– Mark Knopfler & EmmyLou Harris