SoulSutras 22

“The Messenger…..”

I’m very, very lucky in this lifetime to have found my soul-mate.

Someone I can share everything with.

The ups and downs, the tears and the laughter.

We have danced this merry dance often, under different guises, learning different lessons but this incarnation together is special.

It is special because it’s brought together two souls who are awakening at the same time.

I could not have embarked, with such passion and ferocity, on this spiritual journey without the support of my lover, Julius.

He has held me so securely, so lovingly and so patiently.

He has let me burrow down deep into my cocoon and sit snugly with myself because he knows at any moment I will awaken and become the beautiful free spirit I was born to be.


We’re fortunate because not only is our love deep and ancient, it is pure and that can be hard to find.

Over the last couple of years, Julius has been getting visits, from aspects of me, while he sleeps. These visits always come with guidance.

Guidance for me to show what the next steps are that I should take.

I would wake up in the morning, usually unaware myself, and there next to my bed would be two A4 pages of notes.

Spirit uses any means it can to get you the message, and we are very receptive when we sleep.

So now Julius is also ‘The Messenger.’

He rarely understands what he is writing but it makes perfect sense to me, all he knows is that it feels very real and he knows something special has occurred.

The other morning, I received a text with a message to access my Akashic Records.

It was almost a year to the day, I had stumbled upon my records but hadn’t really known what to do.

Spirit too is patient, thankfully, and thankfully I received the nudge I needed, albeit a year on, to go into meditation, access those records and find some much needed answers.