SoulSutras 24

“Listen and you will hear. Let go and you will heal”

“My past life with Patrick is what I’ve been working on, I feel there is something more I need to know in my present life. If this is true please provide me with the information of when and how this problem originated. I would also like to know why I am finding it hard to accept that Patrick and Julius are one in the same“.

As I said last week I chose to use guidance from, so I could direct and articulate my question precisely and clearly.

My mediation went for an hour and a half and I had my journal next to me and pen in hand to record any guidance should any come.

It was quite overwhelming as I knew it would be but at the same time, absolutely unbelievable.

So much happened during the meditation, it would take me several months to write it all down so I will keep it brief and stick with the current topic.

When writing during meditation, it is important to stay in the zone, stay focused in the heart and soul of what you are doing. I have been doing this for years now, if I think it would rattle me to write I sometimes record it on my iPhone but writing as I meditate comes easily, so this is still the method I use.

I took myself into meditation, did a chakra walk-through, merged with my higher self and then took the stairs through the heavens to my Sacred Space. Individually you will all have unique ways of accessing certain things through meditation and it is very important to trust whatever comes to you. I am continuing on with a practice that was shown to me in early 2013. It is almost always how I access information.

I then walked to the back of my Sacred Space and walked through a door, and ascended a very long spiral staircase that eventually took me into the clouds. It was quite mystical and groovy.

There is always a chest there, and this time I pulled the key from a chain around my neck. It was hanging at my heart.

A little man appeared, as he did last time, welcomed me and asked what I would like to access.

I voiced my question with clarity and precision, just as I had intended.