SoulSutras 25

“Love, True Love……………..”

“The spirit of which Julius talks in this lifetime and which you have forbade in this lifetime is freedom.

Freedom of expression.

Freedom to live your truth and freedom to be who you are, sexy, beautiful and Divine”

I wrote four BIG pages of guidance and it all made perfect sense.

There was so much information and it resonated strongly throughout my being.

It also clarified and bought me so much inner peace and understanding and a whole new way to look at the situation.

Oh I’m not sure whether to transcribe all of what was said, but I think it’s important. So grab a cup of tea, get yourself comfortable and read on.

“Dear one,

You were so distraught when your lover Patrick, was sent away. You have never felt so much pain and sadness – you just froze in sadness – your heart broken. That feeling was so strong, so intense, it was unlike anything else you had ever experienced. A heart full of love, so free, so happy, so uninhibited but then callously cut down by someone else.

You felt unsupported by the elders in your life – your parents and you didn’t forgive them in that lifetime. Outwardly you were fine – in fact you said little – closed your throat – became the subservient, good, pretty little girl your parents wanted you to be. You conformed because you had given up – you had already died.

So lots, dear one has stemmed from this lifetime with Patrick and it’s simply wonderful you are taking the time to fully clear this up and realise the great advantage you have with this second chance with Patrick.

It’s the very reason you knew immediately when you saw Julius – every part of your being was resonating because he was back and this time things would be different.

So firstly, there’s the lack of support from your parents.

You took that to mean they didn’t understand you and most certainly didn’t love you.

This has made you aggressive and wary of any authority figure in your life and it makes you push people away who show any signs of restraining you or telling you what to do.

Know that you have been given the green light in this lifetime to be with your true love to experience what was so tragically taken away from you – its here now – its all here for you.

The reason, dear one, you are not willing to give yourself fully to Julius in this lifetime, isn’t a sexual one, it is because subconsciously you are fearful the two of you will separate again – and you don’t want to experience that pain again. It’s time now to celebrate, to understand the great opportunity you have to love Julius again fully in this lifetime.To acknowledge there is no pain, there is only love and to realise that no authority figure can tell you what to do without your consent.

It’s about honouring, not fighting, for your truth and the only way you can integrate this is through practice.

Again, when something is not to your liking – not in line with your spirit – you know what to do – we have shown you the tools to get through these challenging situations.

Patrick is Julius.

Julius is Patrick.

All is well.

You can rest easy in this lifetime, safe in the knowledge that you two are destined for a long, happy and blessed life.

Go forth little one, courageously.

Release the fear that you can never love fully again, because he’s here, lying beside you each and every night, honouring you, protecting you, supporting and loving you, more than you will ever know.

You have shared many lifetimes, but this one is important for you both.

This incarnation is special.

It’s a gift.

Please see it as that and be grateful”


Buttercup and Wesley xxx