SoulSutras 26

“Recognising Patterns……….”

He then went on to say…..

“The spirit of which Julius talks in this lifetime and which you have forbade in this lifetime is freedom.

Freedom of expression.

Freedom to live your truth and freedom to be who you are: Sexy, Beautiful and Divine.

So, I want you to voice your freedom.”

Which I did.

“I think we can tie a big ribbon around that lifetime and say we have successfully managed to ‘free’ you.

Go forth little one, and love Julius, with gay abandon and honour your second chance with Patrick.

Go, you are free”.

So there are so many lessons and repeating patterns I can see from that guidance. Because I have been connecting with Spirit in every aspect of my life, healing these wounds is of vital importance if I am to become whole.

A stand-out one for me though and the one that took me by surprise was that of my parents in a previous life. Specifically,

“You felt unsupported by the elders in your life, your parents, and did not forgive them in that lifetime…….So firstly, there’s the lack of support from your parents, and you took that to mean they didn’t understand you and most certainly didn’t love you”.

I’m not sure if you remember but way back I talked about going to see psychic Clive Whitby, and he was discussing my past lives. He mentioned Patrick but what I remember vividly was how he described my parents. I remember very clearly saying,

“Oh, I think I’ve got them again!”

And it’s interesting, because at certain times in this lifetime – particularly as a teenager – I have felt like this: misunderstood and unsupported.

Quite simply, patterns repeat because we haven’t learnt the lesson they are presenting the first time.

So welcome repeating patterns in your life as they are invaluable lessons.

Learn the art of recognition. Be in the moment so you can transcend the pattern or behaviour and there won’t be a need for it to repeat itself again.

For me, this guidance has been invaluable.

For me, it is about speaking up when I am feeling misunderstood, unsupported or unloved.

For me, it is about letting go.

For me, it is about forgiveness.

But most importantly, for me, it is about self-love and self-worth.

Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give.