SoulSutras – 3

“Rise, Kundalini, Rise……”

The Art of Opening Your Heart Chakra – Kundalini Yoga

Last Thursday night under the gaze of the full moon, I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing Kundalini Yoga class with the beautiful Rebecca Pflaum here in Singapore.

Jules and I first met Rebecca in Bali last May when we stayed at her Boutique Retreat Centre, Naya in Ubud for our 21st wedding anniversary.

This was the first class I had attended of hers and only my second Kundalini Yoga class.

I have been a fan of yoga for years and have practiced on and off for the last twenty years. I have practiced under a canopy of trees in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and in sacred temples in Bali. I have practiced Iyenga and Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin, amongst others, but right now, at this very moment I LOVE Kundalini Yoga.

Rebecca is such a beautiful teacher. Engaging, relaxed, natural and knowledgeable. She has been teaching for a long time and it shows. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and whether you are seasoned or relatively new, she makes you feel at home.

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic practice and one that takes you on a journey through your chakras – the stairway to heaven as she put it!

A combination of movement, mantra and music it is such an amazing practice. Quite sexual in its nature, as the movement starts at the base chakra, Muladhara, and works its way up. It is connected with the creative energy – the Divine Feminine and I can tell you, the connection with this beautiful energy is instant and very real and her fiercely feminine nature can be felt resonating through every part of your body, igniting passion and divine love as it coils lusciously around and through the chakras.

The Divine Feminine embodies wisdom, intuition, love, understanding and compassion. We must activate and heal this Sacred Feminine essence in order to bring balance to ourselves and to the collective consciousness.

I have to admit I have been a little obsessed with my Kundalini since I started my journey.

Symbolized as a coiled, sleeping serpent at the base of the spine, Shakti, as its sometimes called, once awakened, uncoils and ascends through the spinal column  – the source connection channel or Sushumana to the Crown Chakra – Sahasrara at the top of the head, and triggers a transcendent spiritual state.

Enlightenment can be attained after time – Giddy-Up!!!!

That’s what we’re after!

At breakfast I often ask Jules,

“Do you think my Kundalini will rise today”

to which he replies,

“Not if you butter your toast like that”.


“And so she rises, erupting, like an inferno.

The spark of your Soul, igniting the fire of your truth.

Feel her rising, uncoiling her wisdom.

Rise, Shakti, Rise”.