SoulSutras 30

“The Stars Align…………”

I woke excitedly the morning of the 9th, grabbed a coffee at Finders Keepers and jumped in my car.

I was a little nervous, but excited.

Shane was instantly likeable.

Warm, trusting and kind, with a little twinkle in his eye.

We sat down for what would be a two hour reading. Of course we could have talked for two days.  The charts are so complex – and to be honest I would have really loved that, however Shane had other things to do!

It was fascinating!

He explained how astrology works and what the various parts of the chart meant.

I’m a Virgo with Leo Rising, my North Node is in Aquarius in the sixth, I have Venus in Virgo, the Sun in virgo, Mercury in Leo and Pluto in Virgo all in the first house etc etc.

More information!!

So much more information and really useful information too.

Different to a psychic reading, an astrological reading shows you why you are wired a certain way and how the planets affect your personality.

It shows you what to look out for, shows you the karmic scar you were born with and some of the things you can expect on your journey through this incarnation.

The most informative information came in the form of ‘Lola’ – or Lilith as she’s known in the spiritual realms.

I haven’t introduced you to her yet, but she is a very, very important part of my journey and it all ties back to ‘X’ – and the energy he was reigniting in me.

Life is fun when you start to dance in its magic.

Get in there.

Unravel her mysteries, dig around for her truths and experience her wonder,

Dance in her magic……I dare you