SoulSutras 31

“Healing The Wild………..”

She first appeared, out of no-where a few years back now.

Lola in all her raw and primal glory.

I had done a meditation earlier in the day and felt a surge of energy running up my source connection channel, the space around your spine.

It was running from my heart chakra to my throat chakra.

I wasn’t entirely sure what it was at the time but certainly noticed it and it was definitely related to what happened that night.

It was a spontaneous kundalini awakening.

Now, I have talked about kundalini energy before but just in case you have forgotten……

Kundalini is a sanskrit word meaning snake. Also referred to as serpent power. This energy lies, like a snake, coiled around the root chakra. Said to be ‘sleeping’ until the practitioner awakens it.

Once awakened it travels through each of the chakras until it bursts through the crown gifting you with all its spiritual glory.

Kundalini is not to be messed with – the energy is incredibly intense and can be dangerous if not treated with respect.

I have been taught to treat it very gently and absolutely never try and make it rise before its time.

Shane asked me if I’d heard of the archetype Lilith before.

I had as it happened, years ago – it was in one of my journals back in Sydney with a whole heap of information on how to integrate her beautiful, wild and primal energy.

I obviously wasn’t quite ready to do that as I never did do that meditation.

The guides were gently ushering me to her, subtly at times, more forcefully at others,

(sometimes they don’t like to be ignored).

But here she was again, sometime later, still trying to grab my attention.

Well she did this time.

So after my fortuitous meeting with Shane the astrologer it was off to Sacred Source on Glenferrie Road to purchase

Lilith – Healing The Wild

By Tom Jacobs.

Oh, why did I wait so long to learn about this beautiful energy?

Who wouldn’t want to be wild, fiery and primal?