SoulSutras 32

“L.O.L.A, Lola……….”

Lilith came up after a not so subtle discussion with Shane about my alter- ego Lola.

Thankfully I trusted Shane fully even though it was our first meeting – well in this lifetime anyway.

I was kindly gifted that name by Jules and not because I was a cross dressing transvestite but rather because Lola was quite the showgirl, uninhibited and somewhat forceful.

Yep, Lola channeled all the energies of Lilith – unashamedly and unequivocally.

I, Rachael, also ‘tuned out’ when she appeared – literally had a period of being conscious but totally unconscious at the same time.

Basically, my sub-conscious was ready to integrate her powerful and fierce energies, but apparently my conscious mind was not.

“Lilith’s archetypal energy is about the untameable, wild free spirit.  She wants you to claim your inner power, spiritual activism and embody your personal truth with integrity and authenticity.”

She had been knocking on my door for years, literally.

In the form of channelled messages from Jules, guest appearances in my meditations, in oracle cards and in the not so subtle form of ‘X’.

Remember mirrors?

X was in my life to show me I had forgotten about this raw, primal force and I needed her back in my life to reignite my inner power, spiritual activism and embody my personal truth with integrity and authenticity.

X accepted Lola fully, and Lola was very comfortable in his company.

He accepted her, and the journey and her reappearance was about me learning to accept and awaken this vital but forgotten energy.

Thank you X.

Look, if the information came to us more easily life would be boring wouldn’t it?

This way it’s a puzzle, a game and one should always remember to stay playful with it.