SoulSutras 36

“All Is Not As It Seems………..”

I’m an energy healer.

I feel energy.

And on June the 9th this year I felt an epic shift in my energy.

I literally feel it. It feels like someone has flicked a switch, has moved my energy using a dial, shifted it from one vibration to another.

The last time this happened was mid way through 2013 – I know who flicked that switch!!

And that shift was fabulous.

That shift made me feel so happy to be me. So free, more myself than I’ve ever felt before. Jules and I called that energy “Lola” – we love Lola – she’s a little bit wild and a little bit naughty.

She’s a very important part of me and a part of me I love more and more every day.

That energy was sexual.

It was creative.

And it was necessary so that I could progress on my spiritual journey and birth TempleSoul.

But this, this wasn’t pleasant  – it was uncomfortable and actually made me physically ill.

I was exhausted.

I was angry.

I wasn’t myself at all.

I had lost all compassion and couldn’t find the love anywhere.

What was going on?????

Thankfully, as I am a healer and I work with energy, I know when mine has been tampered with – and someone was tampering with me now.