SoulSutras 37

“Danger Will Robinson……..”

I had been told by many psychics and even as far back as 2009, that I was to be wary of a woman around me.

This woman wasn’t who she seemed to be and she definitely wasn’t to be trusted.

She was jealous.

She was manipulative.

She was dangerous.

And I was told that whatever I did I wasn’t to connect with her energy.

This year when I went to see a psychic down at The Rocks, she came up again.

In fact she came up over and over again – 7 times to be exact.

The psychic was worried – she knew this woman would do something – something to try and harm me but she wasn’t sure what.

I knew things weren’t right after that shift – I knew that someone was consciously tampering with me.

It felt awful, I felt awful and it was not only affecting me but those around me too.

I rang my very talented healer who lives in Singapore and he said he would kindly give me a healing and tell me what the hell was going on with my energy.

He said he would do so, the following day.

This shift in energy was exactly what they were trying to tell me now and all those years ago and many times in between.