SoulSutras 39

“Psychic Attacks……”

I was still feeling rotten, completely out of sorts.

This time I called on my teacher – wonderful, amazing spirit that he is.

I told him the story and of course received some amazing and very helpful guidance from him.

He too gave me a healing.

He’s so amazing.

As always it takes a bit of time to process or integrate the new energies or to release the old ones but I am mindful of how this works now and tried to sit as gracefully as I could within it.

He gave me some sage advice on psychic attacks and how he doesn’t like to use the word ‘attack’ as it suggests we become victims and brings about a sense of powerlessness.

Interesting that.

When we become the observer we look for the lesson.

Rather than trying to work out why this woman would want to attack me what was the lesson she was trying to show me?

We can use this little formula in every situation that occurs in our lives.

We can try not to become stuck in the vortex of negative energy bought on by strong emotion and irrational thoughts and simply stand aside, observe and ask the question,

“What is the lesson here?”

….and of course the answer came rather swiftly.

She was trying to take my power, throw me into fear and self-doubt about my ability as a healer and a peace-maker.

Had I not been aware, she could have succeeded, but as I have been working on my Solar Plexus chakra for the last seven years, she merely served as a reminder I had just a little more work to do to fully integrate the beautiful energies of my solar plexus –


The city of jewels.

So instead of feeling victimised, traumatised, hurt or angry I felt empowered, strong and grateful. Grateful to her for showing me where my weakness lay so I could fully assert myself and stand firmly in the belief of who I am and what TempleSoul is.

Thank you,

my friend.