SoulSutras – 4

“….Make Love, Not War”

I thought you all may be wondering how life without alcohol is going for us, and I’m here to tell you, it’s fantastic!!!

You may remember that ‘war’ was what led Jules and I to take a year off alcohol so we could both take time to heal from what had been a tumultuous four or so years.

….and I can happily tell you it is love that is bringing us back together and assisting with the healing process.

Nothing new here you might say, but I feel it’s important to reiterate as we sometimes forget.

Love is what we are, at our core.

It resides in the Sacred Space of our heart.

It is responsible for creating, manifesting, healing and going back home, to the truth of who we are.

Over the last 2 months, I’ve noticed three fabulous changes.

  1. The connection to Spirit is a whole lot clearer and easier to access
  2. I have never felt happier and more at ease with who I am
  3. …and making love to my beautiful husband has never felt so delicious*.

There are some pretty fabulous changes, right there!

1. As I have said previously I really felt I needed to focus and have clarity on where and what I wanted TempleSoul to be.

To bring to life the creation, to birth what I have in my heart into the physical so I can help people and teach people to ‘be’ a little differently.

There’s no doubt about it without the drink my creativity and inspiration has soared. I am illustrating a children’s book, my lover is writing it – (don’t panic everyone that’s Jules!), I’m writing my own novel, and bringing to life my Sacred Space, TempleSoul, to share with you all.

My daily connection to source is my inspiration.

When you are In Spirit, you are in flow and when you are in flow you are in the best place you can be.

2.  When I was in Adelaide recently I managed to catch up with my oldest, most beautiful friends. Most of us have known each other since we were 5. There was not a minute of that lunch I felt sad that I was not having a champagne with them. I just felt so happy and excited to be with them. One of my most beautiful friends Belinda shot through a text the next day, which touched my heart so deeply and summed up so perfectly how I am feeling.

“….As I was pumping out the reps this morning I was thinking of you and just wanted to say – you look the happiest I have seen you in a looooong time… a weight has been lifted…..and how proud I am of you (and Jubes) to ditch the alcohol – I know what a difference it makes to your health and mind – love you Rach – have a great day”

Thanks Beebs, I love you too!

And it’s true! I have never felt more at ease with who I am and never felt a stronger connection to the work I am doing. I have found my path and it feels so perfect.

It was so beautiful of Belinda to take the time to write to me too. So often we think things but don’t tell people and those few words had such a strong impact, were so affirming and made me smile throughout the entire day, and maybe even a few days after that as well!

Friends are so amazing.

* I did notice that my gorgeous Aunty Claire (or Angelface as she’s lovingly known by family) was following my blog, so with that in mind it may be time to stop reading now Angleface!!!!

3. Make Love, Not War!

….and to the final change, and the most beautiful, is the deep, soulful reconnection to Julius.

It’s an entirely different love-making experience when you’re sober.

There’s a current of the most awesome sexual energy pulsing through my body, dare I say it, most of the time these days, and to share this with the one you love is a magnificent experience.

Reconnecting and healing through this natural act and exploring and reconnecting with that energy has a very powerful impact on a union.

Feeling and being present to every touch, every subtle whisper, two bodies entwined in the energy that resides inside our hearts, the energy we are made of, can only be described as palpable.

This rippling, pulsating, divine energy, rejuvenates you, inspires you, soothes you and connects two people in the most beautiful way.

Sober, you are here.

Present, unaltered, venerable.

Between two consenting partners, never underestimate the healing power of a long and luscious, love-making session.

Let’s Marvin Gaye and Get It On……