SoulSutras 41

“Get Out Of Your Own Way…….”

See this is what I love.

When you ‘wake up’ and become mindful and aware – you work with the universe – you learn to co-create and to see the bigger picture.

You can , “Get Out Of Your Own Way” and observe the chaos and learn from it, learn to turn the whirlpool into a river….

let it go to flow.

This was the perfect guidance, as per usual.

It resonated on so many fronts.

Rather than fight fire with fire we have to learn to put the fire out with love, while also asserting boundaries and this is exactly what I needed to do.

I could quite simply not let my energy be negatively affected by her or anyone else.

Not only my energy but the energies of those close to me and the businesses I run that mean so much to me and others.

I could not let her get away with this.

I had to stand in my power and protect myself and those I loved.

And that is exactly what I did.

So with assertiveness and the help of my guides and angels, I set the boundaries and the intention to protect all that is sacred and precious to me and to keep out all harmful and detrimental energies.

And then, as if by magic, I stepped into flow, and all I had been enduring over the last seven years was coming into clear focus.

I was taking back control of my energy.

I was stepping into my assertive power.

I was unleashing the divine goddess, Lola

She will not be silenced.

Not by anyone.