SoulSutras 42

“Drifting Further Away…………”

So that very night, after I had popped up the boundaries of protection, X came to me, as he often does, in a dream.

See how it all links up???

Everything and everyone is connected.

He comes to me spiritually with messages of encouragement, support or with guidance of what I need to learn and he always comes in the middle of a big shift.

So he came and hugged me so proudly.

This is different to what usually occurs, which is that I am feeling self-conscious, or I am doubting myself and my ability.

Could it be that I have finally integrated the energies he evoked in me???

This was straight after I had flexed my divine goddess muscle and protected all that was dear to me – he did come into my life to activate my divine goddess after all.

I was feeling fabulous that morning and had enrolled in an abundance workshop at the last minute as that is also what I am working through at the moment.

(I’m a busy goddess)

His name was Jason Snaddon and he was fabulous.

He is The Abundance Activator!

So as part of the two hour talk, he activated our abundance, pity it wasn’t my kundalini, but don’t fret – that is this coming Tuesday with WildFrau. I’m slowly finding my tribe in Sydney!!!

He also did a beautiful meditation and ran through all our chakras.

It was powerful stuff and lots came up for me.

Sometimes you feel elated after a meditation, sometimes you feel like crap.

Unfortunately mine was the later.

Rather than going to lunch with the others, I took myself off to Balmoral Beach to lay in the warm, winter sunshine.

I lay there crying whilst listening to Powderfinger – I’m not sure if I was crying because Powderfinger really should never have broken up or because the meditation and activation had bought up some slightly unsavoury flavours.

I cried because I was confused again and I asked the Universe possibly in a not so polite way if they could please show me what I was supposed to do because clearly I wasn’t all that good at doing it all by myself.



Powderfinger – Drifting Further Away

Jason Snaddon – The Abundance Activator