SoulSutras 43

“Ask And Ye Shall Receive…….”

After the beach I went home and passed out this time on the couch in the winter sunshine.

I couldn’t quite believe I had to go out but I pulled myself together and found the strength – after all I could make a few more friends!!

I was home by 11.30pm after a really lovely night.

I had a quick chat with Jules and promptly fell asleep.

Julius all of a sudden woke up startled and said,

“Did you mention darkness today?”

and then got up out of bed.

I knew to expect several A4 pages of guidance from the Universe laid out on my bedside table in the morning.

Jules is getting very good at this!

I awoke, and there they were.

6 pages of divine guidance – well I had asked.

“Ask and ye shall receive”

Thank you my angels