SoulSutras 46

“Her Name Was Lola, She Was a Showgirl…….”

So the guidance was clear…..

“It relates strongly and directly to my acceptance of my beautiful, sexy, powerful inner goddess.

Kali, Lilith and Lola are swirling and swirling within you.

The energy they are creating is tiring and bringing up feelings of doubt but they are – in their own nature feelings that should be – and can be transferred in to feelings of ecstasy, joy and self-love. Feelings of sexiness, confidence, ecstasy, sensuality and eroticism.”

Well now you’ve got my attention.

In various other blog posts I have spoken about Kali, Lilith and Lola.

Kali is the warrior for truth and freedom, she is tough love.

Lilith is a banner for female power, authenticity, and the act of reclaiming parts of our selves – she is wild and strong.

Lola is my divine feminine energy – a mix of Kali and Lilith with a little bit of me thrown in for good measure.

Lola is sexy, powerful, confident and mysterious. She is happy, relaxed, soulful and radiant. She is worthy and smart, funny and independent – quirky, creative, trustworthy and fun.

Oh, and did I mention naughty – or perhaps a little mischievous.

Her name is Lola – she is a showgirl after all.

She is 100% authentic.

Lola is pure and light, radiant and bright, she is powerful and strong, a virtuous song. She is knowing and wise with calm, gentle eyes. She knows no bounds and her love surrounds. She is perfectly free and uniquely me.

Yes, the guidance was very clear – it was time.

Time to bring into union all facets of myself that I was keeping hidden.

“These energies are manifesting within you daily and are growing and growing. Kali and Lilith are very present, as is Lola…..urging you to release your Kundalini Shakti energy and power to lead you in to the next phase of your Goddess reality.”

Bring. It. On.