SoulSutras 47

“The Dark and the Light…………..”

“Your three most powerful allies and strongest supporters, Lola, Lilith and Kali are with you, pushing you forward – supporting you and holding you.

The dark you are exploring and feeling now, creates the light of the future.

You are surrounded and supported by strong, feisty, confident, sexy goddesses and this energy is tiring – but ready to be turned into positive, uplifting, self-confident strength.

Your kundalini shakti energy is manifesting enormous abundance and swirling inside you – bursting to come up to the surface – but in remaining inside is making you tired and creating self-doubt.

Lola energy was everywhere last and Kali and Lilith are with you.

Take the energy of Kundalini through a ceremonial process and transmute it to your powerful goddess light.

Once this is done – 

don’t do, just be.

Trust your TempleSoul goddess, Lola.

Be her.

Heal, teach, touch, love.

Trust Lola.

Trust you.

Trust TempleSoul.

Move forward in confidence, self-love and joy with your goddess.


And So It Is.”