SoulSutras 49

“Chinese Medicine……….”

After a little sleep-in and a late breakfast on Blues Point Road, it was off to my first acupuncture session.

Might I just say, I cannot believe I have never had this before!

I have been dealing with a mild prolapse since the birth of our youngest child 14 years ago and upon our return to Sydney I decided to do something about it.

I researched specialists in Sydney whom were referred to me and briefly explored the option of surgery.

I’m not a big one for surgery, especially not where my yoni is concerned.

Imagine if something went wrong down there???

After an horrendous examination I was given some options – neither of them were very appealing.

After a chat with a friend who is an obstetrician I started looking at alternative options.

Whilst back in Adelaide my sister Millie suggested I try acupuncture first.

I would much rather try this first before I rush into surgery.

Oh Life!

It just does work in the most incredibly magical way.

I sat and had a chat to the acupuncturist and we talked about my symptoms.

I mentioned I was an energy healer and that I would be working alongside her to bring the maximum results to healing this very sacred feminine vessel.

As the talk progressed I realised I was not only here to fix my prolapse, I was here to become aware of other meanings of prolapse and of course to strengthen my root chakra, spleen chakra and solar plexus chakra – for ascension of course!

Of course there was more to it than having babies.