SoulSutras 50

“Energy Healing…………”

I told my practitioner about our move back from Singapore, closing down TempleSoul, my husbands three job losses in four years – how we moved back for Jules work and now we were in Sydney and one year in he had no job at all.

She explained that while giving birth and carrying and delivering four children definitely had impacted my prolapse its inability to heal was also because of how I was feeling – which was largely unsupported.

I work in a spiritual way now – with energy because that is what we are made of.

It is possible to heal physical ailments with a few adjustments to our thought patterns and limiting beliefs or even through drastic changes to our lifestyle if it is indeed this that is having an impact.

It is good to have an overall look at things rather than resorting to one way of healing.

We chatted about where she was going to put the needles and she explained as I mentioned before, they would be around the spleen chakra or sacral chakra, the digestive system or the solar plexus chakra and Muladhara – the root chakra, our foundation.

The Solar Plexus chakra represents our personal power, our self-esteem and confidence.

The Sacral chakra our creation/creativity, intimacy, sexuality and enjoyment.

The Root chakra is our foundation and support.It represents intention and manifestation, your right to be here, self-worth, self-preservation and our physical identity, it also represents our financial stability.

No wonder mine is on shaky ground!!!!

Mula – in Sanskrit means Root and Adhara, Support or base.

Could it be that my three lower chakras were also in sync with my three goddesses, Lilith, Lola and Kali???