SoulSutras 52

“Shifts and Flow……..”

The session was amazing and exceeded my expectations.

My practitioner started on my back – placing the needles all over the sacrum and across my lower back in line with my solar plexus – I hardly felt a thing as the needles went in.

It’s incredibly relaxing.

She left the room as I lay gently drifting in and out of consciousness, some peaceful music aiding my blissful state.

I’m not sure how long she left me for but it must have been a while as the entire session took an hour and a half.

Once the back was done I flipped over and it was onto the front. This time there were needles also placed on the soles of my feet, my hands and even my head.

At the beginning when she felt my pulse she could feel that swirling vortex of energy and this is what she wanted to work with first, to try and get it flowing not stagnating.

Thankfully I am quite a fast worker when it comes to shifting my energy.

She was very pleased with the progress made today and I was just blown away I had never dabbled in this before.

It was all energy based!!!

It makes perfect sense to me and is so complimentary to what I do.

I walked home on a big, fluffy white cloud and it was back on the couch to lie in the afternoon sunshine.

I promised to do 30 pelvic floor exercises each day to assist and I would do these at the beginning of my daily meditation practice.