SoulSutras 53


As promised I went into meditation and started my pelvic floor exercises in sync with my breath.

On the in breath I was to relax and on the out breath contract.

I finished my 30 and then released the hold on my breath.

That’s when the first shift occurred.

I had a magnificent throat opening – it was beautiful – expansive and freeing.

I felt so much clearer, so much lighter and a beautiful sense of clarity and space around my throat and heart chakra and also my source connection channel – the channel that runs like a column of light around the spine – it felt like it had an enormous clean out.

The second was a real clearing and releasing through my hips, which have been tight and have felt restricted for most of my life.

So much happened and after just one session!!

I actually can’t wait until the next one and will be taking the children as soon as I can.

After my meditation Jules said he had come across a woman in Sydney who activated the kundalini – her name is Katrin or WildFrau – German, naturally!

Yes please.