SoulSutras 54

“Unleash the Wild Woman Within…….”

As always I heed the advice from the Universe.

I immediately emailed Katrin to book an appointment and jumped on her website to see exactly what I should expect.

She’s pretty wild!

Thankfully I like them wild.

“In past centuries the Divine Feminine was repressed and had to learn to speak the language of the warrior.

She had to learn to express her truth through the active and dominant masculine energy in order to be heard.

She fought many fights and is claiming her spot in this patriarchal, masculine world.

But times are changing fast and we’re now entering a new era that asks us to reclaim our sacred essence, to nurture ourselves and to heal our collective ancestral wounds.

It is time to re-emerge our souls with the Divine Feminine to honour ourselves, and our relationship with Mother Earth”

Katrin – WildFrau

I love her already and we haven’t even met.

“Katrin has designed this workshop to assist women to reconnect with their wild woman in order to step into their authentic power of love, creativity, intuition and inner strength.”

Let’s get to business and set about reconnecting me to my wild woman and raising that kundalini baby!!

Oh my goodness, seriously – I can’t wait to meet her!!!!!!