SoulSutras 57

“When All Is Lost We Find Out What Remains………..”

I’ve been ‘losing’ things since my awakening began 5 years ago. (Possibly longer, it is just that I became aware of it 5 years ago)

Reading this bought so much clarity, so much meaning and purpose to what was swirling around me.

Singapore, TempleSoul, precious and adored friends, houses, jobs, financial security, a life I utterly adored and loved – everything felt like it was being taken away from me – the very foundation of who I thought I was, was being shaken to the core.

I felt unsupported on so many fronts.

Here is the prolapse again, which has been worsening and extremely noticeable over the last 5 years – the unsupported woman in me.

How am I going to strengthen her and support my wants and needs going forward???

Support comes from strengthening your core.

Strengthening and lifting.

It’s about finding the strength that lies within you, finding the strength to stand in all your womanly power – independent, powerful and strong.

It’s about looking after yourself, offering yourself support, not looking after everyone else’s needs and ignoring your own.

Everything you need lies within you.

You are powerful beyond belief, capable of incredible transformation, growth and extraordinary healing.

It’s all on offer if you would just tap in.

Find out who you really are and what you are truly capable of.