SoulSutras 58

“Love Is All We Have Left………”

So exactly what does remain when all we hold true is lost?

“One must lose everything it thinks it needs in order to gain everything the heart truly desires”

This sentence meant so much to me as I realised what the hell was going on.

It’s non-attachment and letting go.

It’s releasing the ego and being in flow.

There it is again, letting go.

And just what does remain when one loses the ego, the attachment to things it thinks it needs?


And Love is all we have left.

What remains is all we have in our heart.

How  spectacular!

A reunion with the divine – pure love and compassion, tolerance and joy.

Why wouldn’t you???

Imagine a world where love is all we had left.

Where no one was attached to things, to cars, to houses, to what they looked like or how much they had in the bank.

Imagine a world who loved with all its heart.

Who saw the beauty in everything and everyone.

Who didn’t want to hurt, kill or maim.

Imagine if all that was left was your big, open heart full of love and support for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants – including you.