SoulSutras 59


It was Tuesday.

Time for my Kundalini Activation!!!!!

I was absolutely intrigued. I had viewed the video on the website and it looked pretty intense!

As I’ve said my body does respond rapidly to energy transmissions and activations – what would happen this time????

It was time to find out.

I arrived at the corner of Oxford and Crown a few minutes early, luckily because I had to visit the 7-11 and various other shops before I could find where I was meant to go.

I walked through the rather drab foyer, up the rickety old lift and out onto the second floor.

I didn’t need directions, I just followed my nose and ears – toward the wafting incense and hippy tunes and there she was – WildFrau – Katrin.

She was beautiful, with youthful skin and clear blue eyes, her hair tied loosely in a plait to one side.

She seemed so gentle, so demure – in some ways her physical being seemed to contradict the very powerful resonance of the kundalini energy.

But she had strength behind those eyes – this one knew exactly what she was doing.

I asked her how long she had been practicing for.

Her response of four months shocked me!

Then again my spiritual growth was like a tsunami – so no different for her I guess.

She didn’t seem Wild either as her name would suggest but all that was about to change…..


WildFrau – Katrin Suess