SoulSutras – 6

“Stand In Your Power…….”

Today is International Women’s Day.


When I was a young girl I was headstrong, determined and very outspoken – especially if I thought as a girl I was being treated unequally!

I think we all know the feeling,

If we dress in a way that makes us feel sexy, beautiful and feminine we are often viewed as promiscuous.

If we speak our mind assertively we are deemed difficult and

If we take charge and control of situations we are domineering.

These qualities were not encouraged and were seen as unladylike – and not exclusively by men either – but by quite a few women in my life as well (Sr Jeanne I AM pointing the finger at you!)

I spent most of my teenage years and a lot of my early adult years trying to suppress them.

It hasn’t been until recently that I have realised I need these characteristics as they are deeply embedded in my DNA.

As one healer guided me,

“This is your beautiful energy, and you can’t just cut off a piece of your energy, you have to integrate this into your entire being – you need it, to become whole.”

Wise guidance Yantara Jiro, thank you!

I did integrate this energy and guess what? I have never felt more myself and it is an amazing feeling when you stand in your power, in your truth, so completely comfortable with who you are.

So from today, I am not only going to embrace but bring forth my divine feminine gifts (even if it makes others uncomfortable) boldly and unashamedly for it is these gifts that make me (us) a powerful, vital and necessary force.

I would encourage you to do the same.

Let’s all gather today, and stand firmly in our feminine power, connect into the collective feminine consciousness and co-create a world where we are seen, heard and respected in union with the divine masculine, recognising the need for equal balance if we are ever going to live in a peaceful world.

So my beautiful sisters, on this International Women’s Day, embrace your amazingness as strong, powerful and vital women – and let’s join together to help raise the resonance of the earth to one of peace, love, respect and understanding.

….and finally I want to share this recipe with you (coz we’re home-makers as well)

Take a dash of assertiveness,

Add a tablespoon of courage and control,

Blend with feminine grace and love,

And finally add a handful or two of sexy.

Mix vigorously!

Being a whole and complete woman tastes delicious!!

It’s our time.

Be Bold For Change!