SoulSutras – 7

“The Power of One……..”

Part 1

For the next five weeks I will be dedicating SoulSutras to a union so powerful and strong it would be remiss of me not to share it with you.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think our love life would take such a dramatic turn.

I’ve heard about Tantra, numerous times, but had never practiced it consciously. The experience that followed was not taken from any text book, not learned, it was divinely intuited. Each move whispered to me by Spirit, through pulsating divine energy, connecting Julius and I in what can only be described as a merging of the divine – both physically and energetically. We experienced an expansion of our awareness, bringing us into perfect union with all that is.

But, before I get to the destination I will take you on the short trip that led us there.

Two nights prior Julius and I had gone to bed.

I placed my hand on his and let the energy flow.

It flowed in through my crown, passed into my heart and out through my hands.

It flowed into his hand up his arm and into his heart.

I could feel the beautiful circular path it flowed, and so could he.

Soon it had filled our entire bodies with a gentle, sexual hum.

It felt as though we were dancing amongst the stars, joining seamlessly with this beautiful, amazing cosmos.

We fell asleep blissfully adrift and wrapped snuggly in a blanket of stars.

The next day I awoke and felt a real need for another Ashati activation. (I am doing my Masters in Energy Healing)

Something inside me was nudging me toward it. I contacted my Ashati teacher here in Singapore and he said the next activation could take place in late April.

I would have to wait.

Then I thought, I have another 4 activations for Kundalini Reiki which I can do myself under the founder’s guided meditation.

So it was decided.

I would find a quiet space, lay down, and receive my Kundalini 6 activation.