SoulSutras 61

“The Kundalini Fire……..”

Well no matter how conscious you think you are, there can be unconscious patterns and beliefs, negative emotions still lurking about in the shadows and that is exactly what raising the kundalini is about.

The kundalini fire burns away all these outdated patterns, learned behaviours, anger, pain and guilt so that all that remains is the light – pure and loving.

It’s not a gentle process by any means – at least that is my experience.

No, it’s like a freakin’ roller-coaster – a really fast, horrendous one  – hard, fast, with twists and turns so intense you truly believe you can’t hold on anymore – and then relief, when you open your eyes and the world has stopped turning and everything is still again.

That’s what my first experience with Katrin was like.

As I have explained recently, kundalini is a spiritual energy and has enormous power – it is a part of each and every one of us and in most cases lays dormant within us.

It is either dormant or active, awake or asleep.

I didn’t know how my body would react but I just let it do it’s thing as much as I could.

I could feel it rising up and as it passed through each of my lower chakras I would have a beautiful but intense clearing – much like the calm after a storm.

I felt like I was on fire as it made it’s way up smoking out all the debris, clearing away the dead wood, cleansing and clearing the path for ascension to occur.

I felt intense sadness – sadness on a scale I had never felt before and it was old, very old. I had flashes of past lives, vivid recollections and not nice ones either.

My body responded in its usual way – highly energetic – it was just moving all over the place, in a kind of chaotic way. I would be calm one minute and then be doing the bridge pose the next – the exposure of my heart centre and throat chakra feeling free and at the same time exposed and vulnerable.

It was working its magic.

This powerful, electric, goddess energy was purifying every ounce of me rising up through the chakras one by one, I could feel how far it was traveling – it’s ascension made more frantic and in tune with the very loud rock music WildFrau had chosen as the backdrop.

And then just like that, it stopped.