SoulSutras 62

“A Blockage In The Pipe………..”

And there it was again.

The old throat chakra – stubborn and closed as always – afraid of being unblocked should I really step into speaking my truth.

What was it that I didn’t want myself to say?

What part of me doesn’t want to speak her truth?

Katrin and I just looked at each other – a little bemused and perplexed.

“I think you’ve got a blockage in your throat?”

Very perceptive.

” I think you just need to have a good scream – to really unblock it – get it out”

I knew this, but somehow screaming made me nervous – expressing myself in this very surrendered state terrified me.

I’m not sure I can explain why.

And I can feel where the blockage is and so could Katrin. During the transmission she would press her finger just lightly between my breast bone and my throat chakra at the exact spot. What was it???

Did it matter???

We don’t really always need the answer, we can just let go and let the healing take place. All I knew was that it was linked to profound anger and sadness – that I could feel and it was very raw and overwhelming.

So our two hour session was done.

I admit, it had left me wanting more.

It had left me wanting that serpent to crash through that stubborn, bloody throat chakra so I could step into my true voice of expression once and for all.

Katrin just smiled and said

“I have a goddess circle starting at 6pm. Why don’t you stay for that?”

The power of any energy work is amplified in a group session.

So stay I would.

I had time to have a warm mug of herbal tea and then it was time to meet my goddess tribe.