SoulSutras 63

“The Divine Goddess Circle……..”

There were six goddesses all up.

All spoke their truth as to why they were there and all spoke their intentions of what we wanted to release and what we were willing to integrate.

I nearly died when Katrin said this session went for three hours!!!!

That’s a lot of kundalini energy.

Oh dear.

It was time to buckle up and get down to business.

The session was divided up and Katrin would make her way around to each one of us.

What I absolutely LOVE about her sessions is the soundtrack she chooses and the volume she plays it at.

It is brilliant and she tells me she puts the music together herself and was actually a rapper once. She’s a seriously cool chick. Look her up.

The music is at times tribal and manic and then more emotive and slow it flows effortlessly and she manages it perfectly.

A little bit of pace, to get things moving, followed by a slower pace for integration.

Apparently in this session I did have something to get off my chest.

And although it took a fair bit of coaxing to come out when it did – it was nothing short of extraordinary.

I have never felt so much anger, so much grief and so much pain.

It was spilling out of every part of my being.



She didn’t hold back.

This was old anger.

Old pain.

Old sadness.

My entire body was shaking and I was screaming into the pain, trying to disperse it, to heal it with sound.

And it went on.

And on.

And on.

And the goddesses so gracefully held the space for me.

To grieve and to heal.

I could let go, uninhibited with my sisters support and love and for that I am eternally grateful.

The sisterhood is a powerful beast.