SoulSutras 64

“Clearing to Heal…….”

When the screaming subsided the tears flowed.

Cleansing me – body, soul and spirit.

And that was followed by very aggressive movements in the hips.

I could not control them. It was almost as though they were releasing – releasing fear – releasing opposition – releasing stored up emotion and they were finding their balance again.

These movements went on for a very long time and when the music stopped and Katrin brought us all back to the physical I was well and truly spent.

Now that was an afternoon I won’t forget in a hurry.

I just lay there unable to move for a good fifteen minutes. I lay there until everyone else had shared their experience and it was my turn.

All I could do was say thank you.

It was life changing.

But not over yet.

Experience has taught me that the energy that was released will also now take a moment to settle and this kundalini energy was powerful and very, very strong.

It’s a clearing energy, and we heal to clear.

We clear to expand our conscious awareness, to raise our vibration but this means we need to clear the dirt first.

I knew the next few days, weeks, maybe even months would be uncomfortable and I prepared myself for the ride.

What happened next wasn’t something I expected either but true to form – dramatic, wild and unexpected.