SoulSutras 65

“Yin and Yang…..”

In addition to my kundalini sessions I was attending weekly acupuncture sessions to treat a mild prolapse.

My practitioner knew what I was doing and Katrin, Trudy and I were all working together to try and strengthen this root/sacral area.

I love acupuncture – it is so profoundly different to the whole WildFrau experience but so perfectly complimentary.

For an hour I am in a pure state of relaxed bliss as she manipulates my energy trying to get the balance and harmony right within.

She said my energy pools in the stomach area – we are trying to clear this so it can flow better.

I had my session, floated home on a blissful cloud and went quietly about my day. This time she introduced herbs.

I was to take one capsule instead of the recommended three just to see how I went.

When the kundalini energy rises and reaches the upper chakras an increased sensitivity to foreign substances in the body takes place.

My sensitivity is always to alcohol and contributes to me having to give it up completely. That and red meat.

Anyway, I’m not great with anything foreign in my body – except babies – I’m very good at those!!

So I took my herbal tincture at about 1pm, went about my day and then went to bed about ten.

An hour later it started.

Just a slight stirring in my stomach.

I tried to just breathe deeply and methodically, calming my system, reassuring myself that everything was ok.

But it wasn’t.

Yes, I had stirred something up and it was on its way out and I hurled myself out of bed, down the hallway and into the bathroom with literally seconds to spare.