SoulSutras 66

“The Epic Purge…….”

I admit it.

I thought I was going to die.

I can be a bit dramatic but this was quite a harrowing experience.

Now, I’m not saying everyone will experience this, it’s just that I tend to throw myself at things whole-heartedly which can sometimes lead me asunder.

It was horrendous.

The entire contents of my physical body decided to empty.

It was out of control and actually quite frightening.

That coupled with the fact that actually no-one could hear me! How could they not????

I dragged myself into the shower and then out of the shower and onto the cool floor of the bathroom. I just lay there waiting for someone to come and rescue me – and clean the bathroom 🙂

Alas, when it seemed apparent no-one was coming to rescue me, I dragged myself back to the bedroom, onto the bed and woke Jules.

After he had surveyed the damage he was getting ready to take me to the emergency ward at the Royal North Shore.

I assured him that although it did look like a murder most foul, I was actually fine. I just needed to sleep and sleep I would – soundly, with no more interruptions.

Now that was a purge of very epic proportions.

I told you that kundalini energy was powerful and not to messed with lightly.

I wonder if I could heed my own advice every once in a while?