SoulSutras 67

“Goddess, Warrior, Earth……”

At the next acupuncture session I told Trudy what happened.

Was I allergic to something in the herbal capsule??? We did some muscle testing on this which did bring up a few things but we concluded that actually the acupuncture coupled with the wildness of Katrin’s energy sessions had stirred up my energy perhaps a little too much.

I admit I smiled briefly when she said to perhaps lay off the kundalini for a while and let things settle.

I smiled because I was booked in to do a full day Divine Goddess Kundalini Transmission the following week in Bondi.

I wasn’t entirely sure that doing the workshop was a good idea but something was telling me to go.

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to share that with Trudy now or ever – I think I would just see how things went.

The Saturday rolled around and off I went in comfortable clothes with a yoga mat under my arm.

This day would be divided into three sessions




Three sessions in one day!!!!!!!

Oh god! Was I ready for this????