SoulSutras 68

“You Are So Much More Than You Think You Are……”

It was really interesting because this session picked up from where it left off.

This time I was with four other beautiful women – one French, one South African, one Argentinian, one German and the token Aussie – me!

There was still wild, uncontrollable movement in the hips and there was still sadness in that ‘spot’.

We worked on this a little more and it subsided.

This session there was no screaming though – just tears – some more gentle releasing and clearing.

The second session was interesting in that there was a quietness and stillness to the session. There was a lot of white light and peace – it was all quiet and all internal. The group on the whole was quiet and the music was in line with the healing during the session.

We had a break after this session before commencing the final one.

The final one was my absolute favourite and so different from all the others.

It was a transmission – an influx of new light energy and it was blissful and cathartic – I could feel it just streaming in – straight from the higher levels of consciousness through Katrin and into me.

Words cannot describe the pure state of bliss one feels as this occurs.

And it just didn’t stop. For the full hour as I breathed in, the light would enter and as I breathed out the light would integrate – it felt amazing.

The kundalini energy can often be likened to a full body orgasm as at times that is what it feels like. You kind of have to experience it to believe it.

I have experienced the full force of this sexual energy and its power and it is so profound and so life-altering that one really needs to know how to channel such an intense energetic transmutation.

This one was different to my last spontaneous kundalini awakening a few years ago – Jules rode the benefits of that for years after (No pun intended) – no this one was different as it was a full body transmutation, the last one, although just a partial awakening – from solar plexus to throat was quite primal, wild and almost unstoppable in nature – this was different.

This one was blissful in a different way.

It was just incredible and I new something special was taking place and I would just lie in a state of grateful receptivity for the remainder of the session.

You are so much more than you think you are.