SoulSutras 69

“An Uncomfortable Ride………”

You are probably wondering why one would put themselves through this.

But that’s why we’re here.

That’s why we have chosen to have a physical experience.

To learn and to hopefully grow.

To learn to grow from our experiences and flow with life more peacefully and gracefully knowing that all we experience is for our learning and growth.

Since I started my journey all those years ago I knew the kundalini would play a starring role.

When you become aware of what is happening you can work with the energy and at your pace – although the guidance after the session was “Rest To Create” – so I might try and take that on board.

We work on raising the kundalini to get back to wholeness to get back to the truth of who we are as a spiritual being.

To learn to silence the ego, so the heart may have its turn.

It’s true, it’s not always a pleasant experience but I believe one that is well worth the pain. It’s severity depends on a whole list of factors – past lives, and ego structure and the nervous system has to be strong enough to receive this powerful energy transmission for it to be able to rise fully and safely.

Sometimes it takes lifetimes to rise and lifetimes of conscious meditation and energy work to clear the path so it can rise – each of us is unique, each of us different and our journey’s will differ accordingly to what we have chosen to learn in this lifetime, to what we as individuals have called forth as lessons.

As those higher chakras open it can challenge the ego and that’s why it takes time – time to fully integrate these energetic changes as you learn to live a heart based existence and not an ego based one.

I know I’m still in the throws of integration and I admit I feel sad and angry and I can’t explain why but I fully trust this amazing and magical process and know when all is released and all is integrated I shall be born anew.

The light of consciousness exposes the darkness of the psyche – the shadow side and we have to learn to embrace this, not to shy away from it or pretend it’s not there as that’s where blockages start.

Embrace the shadows, so you can fully bask in the light.

Kundalini awakening restructures your entire nervous system and that in turn affects your entire being – mind, body and soul.

As each individual chakra is cleansed and balanced a new awareness arises, your conscious awareness expands and you ‘see’ things from your mind’s eye – your heart – and your perspective becomes much more pure and loving.

And when the kundalini makes its way up it then comes back down to its final resting place within the heart.

The benefits of a kundalini rising are many and varied. Increased artistic expression may present itself, stamina and your energy levels rise, your spiritual powers and psychic abilities will be heightened and as the kundalini is sexual in nature an increase in sexual energy may be welcomed.

Bring it on!