SoulSutras 70

“Lemon Breakdown………”

The next few weeks were very difficult.

I was not myself.

Reclusive and emotional I spent my days on the couch in quiet introspection.

I picked up another book, Am I Going Mad” by Marlyse Carroll which I actually bought for my son but which I found extremely beneficial.

In it the author mentioned Breath Work and that triggered a memory.

Years ago a psychic had said for me to do breath work, not meditation, breath work.

So I picked up my phone and goggled Breath Work Sydney.

I’ll be honest so much had transpired since I started kundalini yoga – things were coming to a head and all I wanted to do was run away.

Run away and be by myself.

It was so bad at one stage I was ready to walk out on my marriage altogether.

To start a new.

I’m a strong girl, capable and independent.

Was it time to experience life differently?

I have been with Jules since I was 16, married since I was 23, that’s 23 years this year – it is all I have known.

This was seriously what was going through my mind.

Luckily, doing the work I do, I was aware.

I picked up the phone and rang Martin Wilks.

He asked me why I wanted to do the session.

I said because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be married anymore and I wanted to find out whether I was coming from a place of truth or reacting to current circumstances.

I would meet him that Friday at Bondi Pavillion.


Marlyse Carroll  Am I Going Mad

Martin Wilks