SoulSutras 73

“Sexual Energy…………..”

“Your challenge is to allow the full expression of your sexuality in all its beauty and power.

Are you really scared of letting go of your wildness?

Scared of being overwhelmed or overwhelming?

It’s all about staying connected and in touch with feeling. For the true expression of sexuality demands that the feelings of the heart are connected to the body.

You need to take a leap of faith and recognise that in staying connected with your body and your heart, everything else will follow.

Start again.

Behave as if you have never made love before and are about to begin on a whole new voyage of discovery.

Your body knows how and when to make love. Trust it. Let go of expectations and preconceptions of how things are supposed to be, and just stay with the present.

All loving is a risk, but in allowing vulnerability, you tap into into incredible power.

Above all, don’t be scared of showing your love”.

The Mirror Cards – Geoff Charley, Lucy Lidell

Nick picked up on this in the following session.

He felt I was hiding that sexuality – holding back a little, not giving myself completely – was this the missing piece of the puzzle??

Was this sexual energy actually the energy I was afraid of?

Was I fearful of fully expressing this, of tapping into this incredibly powerful energy?