SoulSutras 74

“Harnessing the Power Of Your Sexual Energy……….”

Is this why I was rejecting Jules all of a sudden?

Was the fear so strong, so old, so intense that I would rather run away than face it?

Thankfully in all our years of marriage sex has never been an issue and Jules is the most open, sensual lover and he creates a safe space for me to explore and play in that realm in any way I choose.

He is totally open to anything I want to try and I realise now why we are together and why our union and bond is so strong.

He is here for so many reasons but one is to be there so I can fully let go and surrender to the power of my divine sexual feminine energy that I have actually been suppressing for many years.

He is here to help me integrate what I have been running away from.

He is here to honour and nourish my sensual, sexual powerful feminine essence.

I have been frightened of its power.

I have been frightened of its strength.

I was overwhelmed and terrified, such was my conditioning through growing up, school and societal teachings.

Sexual energy is unlike anything I have ever felt, when it is fully brought into awareness it is boundless, limitless and incredible.

Ladies, this is what we are made of and this is what the patriarchy has been trying to keep hidden over the millennia and I implore you to dig deep and come with me on a voyage of self discovery to reclaim your own sexual energy that I have no doubt has been suppressed in one way or another across your lifetime, just by the mere fact that you are a woman.