SoulSutras 76

“Let’s Talk About Sex Baby…………….”

And for my final post for this year why don’t we finish on a high note.

A beautiful orgasmic ride back to our suppressed sexual energy.

In the very early hours of the 22nd of September, as dawn was breaking,  I could hear Jules channeling – this is a very regular occurrence now and usually happens after I have done a massive meditation, asked for guidance or have done some healing work.

Aah, we are blessed to be experiencing this human life and we are blessed to be on a journey through it with the guides and angels beside us.

This is an exert from the 4 pages of guidance we received.

“So, I received some guidance on a practice to share with you and think we should go with spirit and honour the guidance. I also received information for you regarding the transmutation of sexual energy.”

As I said earlier it is important to integrate this energy.

“We were both right last night. You are right that fully accessing your sexual energy unlocks limitless abundance in terms of creativity, strength, success, the manifestation of dreams and desires, achievements of goals etc – but to achieve this you must completely and totally surrender to the physical as a critical sense. To burn away the dominant, patriarchal suppression of your deepest sensual, sexual, physical, erotic desires, you must fully embrace and experience them first.

This may only take a short time, but it must be a mindful, present and physical process shared in divine union with an open heart without fear, hesitation or shame. In a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

I am here to support you and guide your heart, your body and your gorgeous soul through this part of the amazing journey you are on.

Let’s step into it together”

Lucky me.

Lucky I didn’t divorce him!

It’s been a big year, a big forty seven but hopefully through reading my blog and following my journey you will see that everything that happens to you, happens for a reason; that every person you meet is a teacher and guide and please remember life is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Stay playful and stay tuned.

TempleSoul is about to get a whole lot sexier.

Merry Christmas.