SoulSutras 77

“I Can Breathe…………Now”

A warm welcome back to TempleSoul and a Happy New Year to you all.

I have taken some time off to be by myself over the last couple of months.

I moved…..again, which is not unusual for this gypsy soul but this move is going to be for the next four years at the very least!

(I say that now with firm conviction, but realize that’s not how it always works)

I have been with my current partner for the last thirty years and at 47 that is most of my life. Time alone hasn’t served much of a place in my life and towards the end of last year I decided I needed some time out – just for me, to clear my head, create some space and reflect on where I’d been and where I was at.

Four children, a partner, a brown dog and constantly moving hasn’t left much time just for me.

It was time to reassess.

The last seven years have been extremely challenging and last year was no exception, possibly the most challenging but as I always say, if you are aware and in tune to the workings of the universe you will know that every situation whether you deem it to be a challenge or not is for your learning and growth.

I will be discussing these challenges as they will be ones you yourself have no doubt faced at some stage of your lives, but that’s for later.

What’s important now is now.

I drove down to Melbourne on November 16thlast year, armed with all I would need for the coming weeks. (Until the family arrived later that year).

I would have six weeks off.

Just me.




It was truly a life changing experience.




It was just me, for six glorious weeks.

I knew this alone time was critical for me. It would be make or break if I didn’t affirm my power and have my needs met and get the space I needed.

The move back from Singapore was tough but closing down TempleSoul one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

But what came out of that was one of the greatest learning’s of my life.

“We are people borne of sound

The songs are in our eyes

Gonna wear them like a crown”

Bono, U2