SoulSutras 78

“Attached to nothing, connected to everything……..”

This year as the clock ticked over to the new year, a personal number eight year for me, I have never felt so relaxed, so at peace and so content.

This year as the clock ticked over I didn’t feel the need to madly make new years resolutions, be thinner, be happier, be fitter, create this, create that, go here, go there.


I think for the first time in my life I was completely happy with myself, happy just to be, knowing all was perfectly in its place and I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Having that knowledge brings with it such a profound sense of peace.

I have spent the last seven years madly doing, doing, doing.

I’ve created apps, websites for kids, written a book, started another, opened three new businesses, created a candle and incense range, created a jewellery range, illustrated a picture book for kids, traveled the world  – it has literally been go, go, go and now it’s time to 




To breathe and just to be.

The work is done – the foundations are set.

The most important thing for me to do right now is just to open my heart and watch life flow through me, bringing life and movement to all the offerings I have created from spirit, from my heart.

There’s no sense of urgency, no feelings of regret, there’s not a million thoughts racing around my head, there is just a profound sense of peace.

And a feeling that all is well – I have learnt to let go and put my faith and trust in that much higher power – that part of me that is unpenetrable, unmovable, unflustered – calm, knowing and wise.

Attached to nothing, connected to everything.

(Anon – These are not my words but someone else’s)

But of course peace rarely comes from a smooth ride – we learn to become peaceful on this journey when we go through the tough times, when we overcome difficulties, illness, death, separation, change, movement, unexpected surprises and as with everyone, we certainly have had our fair share.