SoulSutras 79

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go……………”

We all have choices in life.

It’s one of the great things about being human.

But when you’re in a marriage with children involved you usually make choices with everyone’s best interests at heart, rarely are they based solely on yourneeds and yourneeds alone.

But this last year and the challenges it brought with it pushed me to actually stand in my power and affirm what is was that  Ineeded.

It’s not selfish to have your needs met – it is a necessity.

If we deny ourselves what we really desire in life, based on the happiness of others it is a recipe for disaster!

What came out of last years big challenge for me, was the realization I had lived my entire life making other people happy.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy to, but I was putting myself and my needs last, and sometimes, not at all.

When Jules and I sat down at our first Barefoot Investor date night at the Boozy Rouge in Richmond, (More on that later) I wrote on the table cloth how many houses we had lived in while we had been married.

The answer was 19.

I was actually tired.

I was exhausted.

Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne. (And they were just the places we lived)

Moving, moving, moving.

Unpacking boxes, culling, re-sorting, canceling, readdressing, new schools, new houses, new cars, 

Oh dear.


It was time to lay down some roots.

The six weeks in solitude gave me the space to really dive deep, deep into my soul and find out what it was that Ireally wanted going forward.

Where I wanted to expend my energy.

What was taking up space unnecessarily in my body?

What needed to stay?

What needed to go?

It was my turn now – well you know it always has been but I am only just realizing the fine balance between giving and receiving.

Do you give too much and feel unworthy of receiving???

Are you aware of what is taking up space, energetically in your body?

What is it that needs to stay and what is it that needs to go?