SoulSutras – 8

“The Power of One……..”

Part 2

Usually when I had an activation, nothing too extraordinary happened.

I could feel the beautiful energy pulsing through my body, occasionally saw colours and a few fleeting images but this one was to be different.

Very different.

It happened to be International Women’s Day,

and it would seem I had to heal Svadhistana, my Sacral Chakra.

My guides would be clearing out some very deep, dark trauma, obviously from many lifetimes past I was still carrying with me.

At times it was very hard to shift and the tears came thick and fast.

I tried hard not to attach myself to the, at times, violent and traumatic events that were flashing before my eyes.

With forgiveness I let each one pass through, until I was done.

A beautiful white liquid light was used to heal my womb and to create a new space that would bring forth the birth of a new creation.

One where ideas and inspiration would flourish and grow from deep within.

When the meditation had finished and the activation was complete it felt as though I had been crying for seven hours straight.

I was exhausted, a part of me healed and deeply transformed.