SoulSutras 80

“Be The Teacher You Wished You Had…….”

Last night as I drifted off to sleep I was thinking of the best way to teach you.

My latest book, TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within, was written with the soul purpose of helping you navigate your way through life more peacefully, mindfully and joyfully.

This is why we’re here – having this physical experience so we can raise our vibration, so that not only we as individuals feel more peaceful but we as a collective feel more peaceful.

I want to teach you how to become your own TempleSoul.

When I attended the HayHouse Writers Workshop in Melbourne in 2018, I was lucky enough to see Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise.

Something she said really struck a cord and has stayed with me since then.

She said,

“Be the teacher you wished you had”.

All of my teachers have been incredible and I feel blessed that each and every one of them crossed my path. They all offered incredible guidance and wisdom in their own unique way.

But for me there seemed to be something missing.

(Which I later found while studying energy healing with Ashati)

I’m a pretty straight forward person, honest and upfront and do not get me wrong I love ALL things spiritual no matter what form it arrives. But no-one really taught me ‘how’ the Universe worked, or ‘who’ we were as energetic beings, or ‘why’ we were having this life experience.

There was talk of tribes gathering and circles forming, the sisterhood rising but I wanted practical guidance.

The type of guidance I could use every day to make my life more peaceful, more joyful.

I wanted something to help me navigate my way through the often turbulent waters of life.

Times change, people change, perceptions change and it is important we change with it.

It is important to relate to people in a real sense, relate to people in a way they understand.

I feel it is my duty to teach spirituality in a new way – one that you will understand. I want to take the ‘weird’ and ‘crazy’ out of spirituality because whether you like it or not you are a spiritual being –  A spiritual being having a physical experience.

You are an energetic being and if you know the way you work as an energetic being, you will dance with the flow of life effortlessly, with grace and ease.