SoulSutras 81

“An Alternative View……”

I threw myself into my energy healing course with great vigour – with passion and with purpose.

Those who know me well will attest I do that with everything I love and this was no exception.

This energy healing thing, really resonated with me.

I went from enroling in the course in January 2016 to opening TempleSoul – the physical space in Singapore in May of that same year.

I opened my own space as I wanted it to reflect my energy, my style, my uniqueness – this was very important to me.

The same goes for teaching.

I want to teach you in my own way, in my own style, my own uniqueness.

When I heal, I see everyday people, every day.

People like you, going through every day challenges most of us face daily.

My job is to help you, through the ancient practice of energy healing.

As I am Intuitive, I get a reading from your higher self with guidance about what you need now – at this very present moment in time to help you through whatever it is you are facing.

This is my clients favorite part of the healing and it always resonates very deeply.

That’s what I’m here to do, to hold your hand and give you practical solutions to your problems.

To give you guidance and advice that you can put into practice immediately with astonishing results.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned over the last three years of study and gathered it all up and will deliver it in a way everyday people can understand.

Just little things you can do, every day, to help you smile throughout your day and your journey through life.

As challenges arise throughout your day, as they will, I will be there to guide you through.

So I’m changing direction.

I think I’ve told you enough of my story and I’d like to now bring you ‘life’ stories.

Life stories we all share – life lessons we all face.

To build a strong community of like minded people (who aren’t so interested in angels and tarot but more interested in the science behind the human body – the energetic vehicle that we all are) as it’s being shown to me.

Through ‘real’ life experiences that you are experiencing and I am experiencing – 

divorce, heartache, job loss, financial pressure, unrequited love, uncertainty, fear, blocks, the list goes on.

Sounds fun doesn’t it???

But don’t worry, this blog is all about bringing light to the darkness – or in other words, bringing peace to the challenges you are facing.

I’m going to show you a different way of looking at life, give you an alternative view.

It’s all about perception.

So, I’m going to base this years blog on the healings I give.

The inspiration and guidance I receive each and every day to help you love and enjoy every day here on earth – even if the times are tough – in fact especially when the times are tough.

You are important to me.

Your wellbeing is important to me.

I am here for you.




PS I haven’t forgotten what I said to you at the end of last year. So stay tuned for the TempleSoul Sealed Section – SoulSeductions – which will be available later this year.

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