SoulSutras 82


“My TempleSoul – Your TempleSoul

Is the place inside

It’s where there’s no need to run

Where there’s no need to hide

It’s where Golden Light streams from deep in your heart,

It’s where calmness descends and self-love starts.

It’s where freedom and joy

Dance together as one

It’s where spirit and soul

Bathe in the sun

It’s where you love all around you

And speak as you should

It’s where you live in spirit

It’s your soul neighbourhood

Your TempleSoul – is where your true voice sings

So listen to that voice

And feel the joy that it brings.”

Jules – SoulPoet

Before we get started I want to familiarize you with your spiritual body. 

I’m sure it’s not something many of you have considered or been taught about but it’s really important you know a few basic principles about the universe and you, as a spiritual being – that way what I teach you will make more sense.

Why is this important???

Because just like nutrition and exercise is important for our physical and mental health and knowing how these things affect our bodies, we need to know how we work as an energetic being – as our energy, our vibration, creates our reality.

When you become aware of this, you can start to manifest what you want into your physical reality.

When you become aware of this, you can start directing your energy towards the things you want and you will become mindful of not directing your energy towards the things you don’t want.

Everyone and everything is energy – everything in this entire universe.

We are not matter, we are energy – energy vibrating at different frequencies – and all part of ‘one’ eternal energetic field.

I’m trying to keep this simple, so as not to lose you and we will get down to practicalities as soon as next week, but I feel it’s important to know this first.

You are energy, your words are energy, your thoughts and feelings are energy.

When we talk about lower vibrational energies we are merely talking about negative energies that lower your vibration.

Hate, jealousy, sadness and fear are some examples of what can lower our vibration.

Happiness, joy, gratitude and love are some examples of what can raise our vibration.

Why do we need to raise our vibration??

Because then we can live a life filled with happiness, joy, gratitude and love – peace on earth, as they say.

What I am passionate about teaching is a simple way for you to find your own TempleSoul – all of you on an individual basis because ultimately that will raise the resonance of the entire planet – the entire universe and that’s the ultimate goal.

Peace on Earth.