SoulSutras 83


So we have established we are an energetic being, and we are part of one eternal energetic field that vibrates at the highest frequency – love.

How beautiful.

You are love, at your core and it is from this we come and to this we return.

Our universe is made up of realms and dimensions and they all vibrate at different frequencies.

I like to think of our Universe as a 12 story building and as we go from the first floor to the twelfth we resonate at higher and higher frequencies, the twelfth being pure love.

So by becoming aware of how we work, we can start getting rid of all the lower vibrational energies trapped within our being, and start resonating at a higher frequency – aligned with love and peace.

If you think of your own being in terms of this 12 story building – the aim is to try and vibrate as close as you can to the top stories.

I tell you what – when you take the lift to the 12th floor, it’s a pretty spectacular view!

So by understanding you are energy, by understanding resonance, by understanding lower and higher vibrational frequencies, you will begin to understand how the universe works, and you will begin to understand that we are not only one with the universal energy of love, but we are all connected to each other – extensions of one divine frequency.

Are you still with me???

Feel free to start a chat if you are feeling confused. And I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Negative energies also become trapped in our field – not only our field, but everyone’s field – all of our collective energy flows into the larger field of consciousness and creates either peace or turmoil on a global scale depending on what we are emitting.

Think of yourself as a little transmitter – transmitting negative or positive energy out into a bigger energetic grid.

What are you transmitting??

If we emit love, joy and happiness can you imagine the state of the world???

Can you see what might happen if we emit fear, sadness and loathing???

We would have a hostile, aggressive, fearful world – what are you seeing now???

Finding your own inner peace is not only beneficial for you but beneficial for the entire planet, the entire universe.

Send out good vibes – receive good vibes.

It is possible to live a peaceful and joyful life and I’m about to show you how.

Welcome to your journey, your journey within to find your own TempleSoul.

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